Divorce Proof Your Marriage Part Three

In  her book, "Divorce Proofing Your Marriage," Linda S. Mintle (2001, p.  11-19) provides three preconditions that will go a long way toward  divorce-proofing one's marriage.  In this post, I will present the third precondition: "You must become aware of the spiritual deception along the road to divorce" (p. 15). 

The third installment of this series of posts is a tough one.  However, as I have heard preachers say, "It's not about right, it is right."  Mintle (2001) opens this section of her book with this statement, "We forget that marriage is a holy act."  I think that it would be important to just pause and think about that for a moment.

Far short of God's original view, design, and purpose, marriage now is often considered to be nothing more than a contract that can be legally dissolved whenever one or both parties deem it necessary.  However, God views marriage as a covenant that binds two spirits.  As Mintle points out, "Divorce doesn't absolve that union, it simply separates the partners physically" (p. 15).  As a result, "...a host of people are deeply affected for the rest of their lives" (p.15).

Think of the Biblical account of Eve in the garden when she listened to the serpent as he told her that she would not die if she ate the forbidden fruit.  What would have happened if Eve had told him to get lost, that she knew what God had said?  The point is this, if we are to keep our marriages safe, it is important to not entertain any thought or concept that goes contrary to the Word of God. 

Mintle (2001) presents 10 lies that married couples should guard against if they are intent on divorce-proofing their marriage:

  1.  Marriage is a contract.
  2.  I married you, not your family.
  3.  I can change my spouse.
  4.  We are too different.
  5.  I've lost that loving feeling, and it's gone, gone, gone!
  6.  A more traditional marriage will save us.
  7.  I can't change--this is who I am; take it or leave it.
  8.  There has been an affair.  We need to divorce.
  9.  I doesn't matter what I do; God will forgive me.
  10.  It's too broken.  Nothing can fix this relationship.

Perhaps you and your spouse are on the verge of divorce.  Remember that marriage is God's idea and that He is for the success of your marriage.  If you have already gone through a divorce, there is still hope.  You can learn from past mistakes and get on with your life.  Perhaps some of the information provided in the following posts may be helpful for you as you prayerfully move forward. Be encouraged and know that "With God all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26).



Mintle, L. S. (2001).  Divorce proofing your marriage.  Lake Mary, FL: Siloam Press.